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Assignments & Projects Management
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Assignments & Projects Management
Assignments & Projects management helps to assign tasks and deadlines to students and monitor their performance on completion of these tasks. All the Assignments & Projects are assigned with a start and end date, student update the task on completion. Teachers can check the status of the task and prepare report when it is completed.
Assignments & Projects Management
Key Features
1 Assign Assignments & Projects to students or a group of students
2 Track all pending tasks
3 Track all completed tasks
4 Monitor students status on the assigned Assignments & Projects
5 Track students performance (daily / monthly)
6 Prepare report on students performance
7 Assign Assignments & Projects with start date and end date
8 Email notifications can be send for each assignments & project work
9 All pending assignments & project work can be viewed location wise or branch wise
10 All the completed task can be closed
11 All pending work can be searched by date
1 Organize and plan all the assignments & project work
2 Assign assignments & project work to students, track student performance
3 Monitor missed deadlines
4 Balance students team work loads, increase students team productivity
5 Monitor team progress
6 Improve individual productivity
7 Reduce time to complete assignments & project work
8 Evaluate student performance based on task completion report
9 Monitor assignments & project work completion
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