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Resume Management
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Resume Management
Manage thousands of resumes and provide HR departments and recruitment organizations with a strong, scalable and high-performance automation platform, which helps them to get faster joining candidates. This application also helps in instant reporting, and constancy in their recruitment processes.
Recruiter module has been designed to generate, manage and look after the Applicant Resume details, search and mail process of Placement organizations (agencies). This software is capable of storing, updating, searching right applicant for client's requirements.
The Business Development Manager (BDM) module monitors all the resumes from all the job types.
webERP4 Recruting Consultancy Management System
Key Features
1 This application has 3 modules Recruiter, BDM and Master admin.
2 Recruiter can add thousands of resumes in this application
3 Recruiter can manage and search resume with specific job type
4 Recruiter can add job type based on client's requirements
5 BDM can access and monitor all the activities of recruiters
6 Separate login details are given to each recruiter and BDM
7 Admin sets privileges to all the users of this application.
1 Resume Management is fully customizable and designed to be adaptable at a reasonable cost.
2 As recruiters directly enter applicant’s information through the web form; chance of making errors is reduced.
3 As all the resumes are stored along with remarks, the candidate’s profile & remarks never gets lost.
4 This application can be modified to match client’s exact needs, and can be tailored for any business.
5 Information can be shared among employees anywhere around the world, yet all your business information is secure here. You can also decide and give permissions, who can access what information.
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