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CloudERP4 is a collection of ERP applications that helps business with powerful ERP applications on a public cloud. It automates all your business processes to help and make your business more efficient. All the applications are in SaaS model and have been designed and developed to meet requirements of any business.
CloudERP4 works great for any service-based industry, whether it is B2B or B2C. It is easy to use, and understand. If your business supervise employees, manages projects, sells a product or service and handles support tickets for customers then CloudERP4 is a perfect fit.
CloudERP4 is easy to implement in your business and easy to use by a non technical employee. It is comprehensive in its scope and fully secure.
No you cannot host CloudERP4 on your own server. CloudERP4 is designed to work on public cloud.
Yes CloudERP4 will work in your country. As it is a Cloud based ERP application with SaaS model, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
Yes. Companies that want to sell market and deliver CloudERP4 products and applications can become our partners. CloudERP4 partner program allows resellers to earn commission on sales of our products according to the CloudERP4 partnership agreement.
Right now we are working on this functionality and we will update this space soon.
Your business data is secure with us. All our products and applications are protected with a username and password. As a registered user, you will have all the privileges to add a new user and give permissions to already registered user. You will have full control over your application and can invite users to access the application with their login credentials.
You can secure your confidential data by restricting the permissions to employees. You can change the permissions per user. Unauthorized employees can’t access your application and business data without receiving permissions and login details from you.
CloudERP4 is a Cloud based ERP system. The end user will be able to access all the features of the ERP on any network environment without the need of installing a client part of the application.
The strengths of our ERP products are security, controlling, tracking, high integrity, and monitoring.
Your business will benefit using CloudERP4 by taking over all the routine activities and freeing your employees to deal with other tasks where human intervention is required. It helps to reduce errors by removing human involvement from routine manual tasks. Cutting costs in office materials by eradicating unnecessary paperwork and manual supervision. It also provides up-to-date information on your business by automating business processes, which you can track and analyze in real time.
  • "CloudERP4 is an advanced software application that works as a comprehensive and one stop solution for all your business development needs"
  • "Total business solutions in Information Technology. This application makes the marketing management easy as never before"
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